Monthly Archives: November 2022

One Man’s Journey -Rising Hopes: Shared Decision Making and Therapeutic Advances

In this sixth episode, Michael A. DiSpezio discusses Kegels (aka pelvic floor exercises) and their role in regaining urinary continence. Then, he takes a deeper dive into shared decision making, and why it is essential for all patients to be an active part of this critical process. Michael discusses the advantages of focal therapy (not appropriate for all) as he describes several ablation treatments including ultra-cold temperatures and a relatively new therapeutic option known as HIFU. Michael presents the difficulty in predicting disease progression and response to treatment. He concludes the series referencing the statistics that not only illustrate prostate cancer’s high survival rates, but also highlights the advantage to uncovering the cancer before it has spread to distant sites.

One Man’s Journey -Quality of Life: Treatment and Support

In this fifth episode, Michael A. DiSpezio discusses the quality of life and how it changed following radical prostatectomy. Michael explains the basic difference between external beam radiation and the implantation of radioactive seeds, what radiation does, and addresses the side effects associated with this type of treatment. He introduces hormone therapy and how it is sometimes used alongside of radiation treatment as a therapy for returning cancer. Michael concludes this podcast by profiling the importance of support groups and options available.

One Man’s Journey -Post Surgery: More Testing and At-Risk Populations

In this fourth episode, Michael A. DiSpezio addresses the first PSA test following surgery and what that means as far as the tumor’s spread. He then presents the basics of cancer in terms of cells and DNA. Then, Michael discusses the likelihood of a man getting prostate cancer and how this disease disproportionately impacts African American men. In addition, he explains why prostate illnesses are also a concern for transwomen. Next, he addresses the DRE, short for digital rectal exam. Finally, Michael concludes this segment with a critical explanation of Gleason patterns, Gleason score and the Gleason grade groups.