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Shared Decision Making: Then and Now -018

Thanks to MPCC board members Allen Snyder and Analesa Baraka who join MPCC Medical Advisory Committee member Dr. Quoc -Dien Trinh in discussing “Shared Decision Making: Then and Now.” This podcast includes an interview with MPCC chairman Allen Snyder who shares his story on being diagnosed with prostate cancer nearly 25 years ago,. He is followed by Dr. Trinh of Brigham and Women’s Prostate Cancer Program who discusses how the Prostate Cancer Workgroup, part of the MDPH Comprehensive Cancer Prevention and Control Network, has contributed to the progress and evolution of shared decision making. The podcast concludes with Analesa Baraka, NP, describing the important role of the nurse practitioner in coordinating the decision making of process of men diagnosed with this disease. Thanks also to Blue Earth Diagnostics for its support of this podcast.

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